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When you’re traveling outside the United States, there are a number of health rules and regulations to know about (and follow) before you go. Fortunately, AP Health in Clifton, New Jersey, has you covered with their travel medicine care. The dedicated and experienced team can help you get ready for travel with vaccinations, tests, and anything else you need. Book your appointment online or by calling the office now.

Travel Medicine Q & A

What is travel medicine?

Travel medicine focuses on illnesses, conditions, and diseases that you could potentially acquire while traveling in foreign countries. At AP Health, your doctor can help you get ready to travel abroad by making sure that you’re healthy and protected from potential dangers. 

What does travel medicine care include?

The AP Health team customizes travel medicine appointments based on your specific situation. If possible, it’s ideal to bring a full itinerary of your planned trip to your travel medicine appointment. This allows your AP Health doctor to identify the things you need based on where you’ll be going. 

Generally, your travel medicine care includes:


Every country has a list of entry requirements, including proof of vaccination for diseases such as polio, typhoid fever, diphtheria, and yellow fever. The specifics vary widely from one place to another and can change frequently based on current disease outbreaks. Your AP Health physician will verify current entry requirements for the areas you’re traveling to and then administer the appropriate vaccinations.

Preventive medications

Depending on where you’re traveling, you might need to take preventive medications before you travel. For some dangerous diseases, like malaria, there aren’t any licensed vaccines available yet. So, you might need to take preventive medication to reduce your risk. Your travel doctor at AP Health will give you a prescription to take before and during your trip if needed. Your doctor may also recommend that you take along certain medications like antidiarrheal drugs.

Precautionary measures

Your travel doctor at AP Health will advise you of general precautionary measures to take based on where you’re going. This can include advice like not drinking the water (including ice), eating only well-cooked food, and using insect repellent at all times. 

Your AP Health team is ready to help you prepare for the trip medically in every way possible, so don’t hesitate to ask questions or get advice when you need it.

When should I schedule my appointment before traveling?

Schedule your appointment at least 4-6 weeks prior to traveling. This is important because vaccinations need enough time to take full effect before you enter an area where you’re at risk for disease. Also, some vaccines require multiple doses, and having your appointment at least a month in advance allows sufficient time for that.

Use the online scheduler or call AP Health for all your travel medicine needs now.